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Heart Attack Story, Dan Bilzerian, Off The Felt Bonus Feature
You've seen what Dan Bilzerian's ridiculous everyday life is like; now experience his five-day bender that makes everything else you know about him seem tame by comparison. It's an over-the-top tale of sex, drugs, and Mexican food that ends with not one, but two heart attacks. Luckily for you, "Blitz" survived to tell the tale. To watch all of Dan's videos, check out blitz.allinmag.com
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Off The Felt with Dan Bilzerian, Episode 1: "I'm Just Being Me"
Who is the man behind the Instagram? Dan "Blitz" Bilzerian opens up to ALL IN about his over-the-top lifestyle, the freedom that $50 million in poker winnings can buy, and why he considers himself the Bill Gates of poker. Get to know a man who offers no apologies for the blur of models, guns, private jets, and yacht parties that his life has become. SEE MORE www.ALLinMag.com
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Off The Felt with Dan Bilzerian, Episode 2: "The New Hugh Hefner"
For Dan Bilzerian, it isn't all fun, games, and throwing porn stars off the roof. Actually, wait, yes it is! Go inside the insanity of Blitz's day-to-day life with the origins of his pet goats, his million-dollar investment in Jay Farber, racing Ferraris at dangerous speeds, and "white raver rafting" at Hakkasan night club in Vegas with the likes of Steve Aoki, Coolio, Waka Flocka, and Flavor Flav. Don't miss a beat, subscribe to this channel and visit http://www.allinmag.com/
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Off The Felt with Phil Ivey, Episode 2: "I Don't Gamble Big For My Reputation"
It isn't easy to pin down Phil Ivey for a sit-down interview, so when you do, you'd better make the most of it. ALL IN gets Ivey to open up about his early days in poker, his first World Series bracelet, the legendary mega-stakes games vs. Andy Beal, and the value of an "advantage" in all forms of gambling. Visit ALLINmag.com for more exclusive Phil Ivey content.
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Jay Farber, $5 Million Later
"A lot of poker players spend their whole lives chasing the score that I made." 2013 WSOP Main Event runner-up Jay Farber is still grounded and humble a year after his remarkable run—but he's also put some of his payday to use. Jay welcomes ALL IN inside his new house in Las Vegas, where the grand tour includes a custom poker table, two new cars, artwork, a home theater, a bottle of Screaming Eagle wine, and his "bachelor's fridge," stocked with beer, cake, and pizza. www.ALLinMag.com
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Off The Felt with Phil Ivey, Episode 1: "I'm Just Me. People Like It Or They Don't"
The consensus "world's greatest poker player," Phil Ivey, is also one of the world's most elusive interview subjects. But as he diversifies and expands his portfolio beyond poker, he's opening up unlike ever before. ALL IN goes behind the scenes as Ivey sweats his boxer in the ring, greets fans, poses for the magazine cover, and shares his thoughts on the business world, the next poker boom, and being a celebrity. Visit ALLINmag.com for more exclusive Phil Ivey content.
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It’s A Once In A Lifetime Thing? Off The Felt with Mark Newhouse
The odds against Mark Newhouse making back-to-back WSOP November Nines were 524,558-to-1. Now the number that matters most is 10,000,000—with a dollar sign in front of it. In “Off The Felt,” Newhouse opens up like never before about the constant battle between his talent and his degeneracy, with the biggest day of his poker career looming. For more, go to ALLINMag.com.
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Phil Ivey Talks About the 10th Year Anniversary of Moneymaker's Win
Watch the in-depth interview of Phil Ivey discussing the 10-year anniversary of Chris Moneymaker's big win and how it changed poker. Ivey discusses how it attracted more people to poker and he reviews the impression Moneymaker had on him early in the tournament. Ivey thought he had a chance to win until he ran up against a bigger Moneymaker full house. Find out how Ivey feels about the possibility of winning a Main Event Bracelet in his future poker career.
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Phil Ivey's Greatest Weaknesses
Listen to Phil Ivey talk about his greatest weakness and learn how patience and practice lend themselves to his game.
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Off the Felt with Daniel Negreanu E1: Getchur Golf On
In honor of the Phoenix Open going on right in our backyard and in honor of our recently named 2013 Player of the Year, Daniel Negreanu, we are excited to take you behind the curtain to Daniel's personal backyard putting green and mancave where he sat down with ALL IN to push aside poker for a moment and talk golf! Stay tuned for more exclusive videos with our Player of the Year!
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Ferrari Gun Racks & Five Finger Death Punch
There’s never a dull moment with Zoltan Bathory, the guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch. One minute he’s putting a gun rack into a Ferrari; the next minute he’s shooting his way to a royal flush in “Gun Poker.” And fortunately for you, Zoltan welcomed ALL IN backstage for a glimpse at his wild lifestyle. For more, go to www.ALLINMag.com.
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Off the Felt with Daniel Negreanu E6: Reads and Tells
Learn from one of the best! Do you succumb to one of the most obvious tells that Daniel describes? Want to know how he's able to read players so well? Find out HERE.
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Steve Aoki, Past, Present & Neon Future: Off The Felt Episode 1
He’s a Grammy-nominated, Guinness-record-holding superstar DJ, and when you’re the world’s busiest touring artist, selling out show after show, there’s no time for sleep. ALL IN’s acclaimed “Off The Felt” series continues with a behind-the-scenes look at the life of Steve Aoki, as we explore his rise to fame, his unique fan base, his need for a nap, and what the Neon Future Experience is all about.
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Phil Ivey Places A Few Crazy Prop Bets
Hear about some of the fun prop bets Phil Ivey has participated in and learn why vegetarianism and poker may not mix...
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“It Doesn’t Seem Possible”: Off The Felt with Mark Newhouse, Episode 2
What happens when your worst-case scenario is realized? When you wait four months, eyeballing $10 million, and instead you don’t win a single additional dollar—for the second year in a row? Mark Newhouse’s 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event ended in the most dramatic, unexpected way possible. Off The Felt gives you the exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how he handled the heartbreak. For more, go to ALLINMag.com.
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ILoveMemphis – Hit The Quan [Official Behind The Scenes Video]
ILoveMemphis and ALL IN media house bring you full access to the chart topping music video – Hit The Quan. See the making of this music video through a lens normally reserved for crew-only. This is #LifeALLin. Enjoy. Instagram – @LifeALLIN www.ALLinMagazine.com iLoveMemphis - Hit the Quan [Official Music Video] – https://youtu.be/JrCUEjSzLAk
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Off The Felt With Steve Aoki: The Official Trailer
“Life is not about just one sensory experience. It’s about a combination of all of them.” The latest episode of ALL IN’s acclaimed web series “Off The Felt” has officially dropped at http://allin.co/aoki So head on over to www.allinmag.com and brace yourself for sensory overload with superstar DJ Steve Aoki and his famous friends. Full Video: http://allin.co/aoki
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Steve Aoki The Blitz & The Brain: Off The Felt Episode 2
In the second and final installment of the Steve Aoki “Off The Felt” series, we see the off-stage side of the superstar DJ, where his focuses are having fun with his friends and giving back to the world around him. From the insanity of a party at Dan Bilzerian’s house to a quiet conversation about why brain research is so important to him, Aoki reveals the man behind the music like never before.
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Ivey, Bilzerian, And More Support Model Citizen Fund
The poker community comes together for a good cause like no other. On ESPYs weekend this summer, the game’s best and brightest came out to support Dan Fleyshman and the Model Citizen Fund by playing in a charity tournament on the rooftop of the W Hotel in Hollywood. From Phil Ivey and Dan Bilzerian to Justin Bieber and Ja Rule, it was truly a star-studded affair. To learn more, go to modelcitizenfund.org and ALLINmag.com.
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Phil Ivey Exclusive Interview with ALL IN Magazine about Ivey Poker
Learn more about the Ivey Poker app created by Phil. Get exclusive details about its features, the celebrities who are participating, and why the app was created. Phil explains how you can play against, and interact with, the poker pros themselves! Ask questions, get tips, and play against the best of the best. If you're lucky, you might even get to go head to head with Phil!
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Side Action: Strip Gun Club
The IN 365 crew is looking for ways to blow off some steam away from the poker tables in Vegas this summer, and one of the best ways to do that is to (safely) fire round after round of the biggest, baddest weapons they can find. With 2013 WSOP Main Event runner-up Jay Farber joining in, they head to the Strip Gun Club to give new meaning to the poker term “firing multiple bullets.”
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WSOP Champion Ryan Riess Gives Post-Win Interview
ALL IN snags an interview with WSOP Main Event Final Table winner Ryan Reiss as his cash gets stacked behind him.
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Off the Felt with Daniel Negreanu E2: Daniel Talks L-O-V-E
Daniel Negreanu gives us some Nicholas Sparks worthy insight on having your heart broken, believing in yourself first, and of course, how that can affect your poker game! Just in time for Valentine's Day!
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Inside The 2014 Big One For One Drop
"This is the one tournament that the entire world is watching." The words of 2012 champ Antonio Esfandiari echo as the 2014 WSOP Big One For One Drop gets underway, with 42 players putting a million dollars on the line in a tournament unlike any other. ALL IN is there to cover it from the pre-game festivities to the final table, taking you inside the minds of the likes of Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Selbst, and Jean-Robert Bellande. As for the winner of the $15 million first prize, Daniel Colman, you won't get to hear his thoughts—but you will hear Negreanu's take on Colman's controversial refusal to speak with the media. Until ESPN airs the Big One starting July 29, this is your best window into the poker tournament the world is buzzing about.
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Phil on Phil: Ivey On Playing with Hellmuth
Phil Ivey discusses what it's like to play with the colorful Phil Hellmuth AND gives ALL IN a great shout out!
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One Step Closer … One Scary Ride
Stars from the poker world, UFC, and beyond come out to support the One Step Closer Foundation’s “Share A Chair” event at the VooDoo Rooftop Lounge during the WSOP. Following the lead of One Step Closer founder Jacob Zalewski, everyone enjoys an evening of giving, delicious dining, and a terrifying zip line ride across the Las Vegas sky.
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Off the Felt with Daniel Negreanu E7: Prop Bets
Daniel shares with us his lifelong prop bet.
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Side Action: Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club
The ALL IN crew is looking for ways to blow off some steam away from the poker tables in Vegas this summer, and one guaranteed-to-please place to do that is at the largest gentlemen’s club in the United States, Sapphire. We take a behind-the-scenes tour from the champagne rooms to the one-of-a-kind pool and day club, at the only club where you’ll have your pick of up to 500 girls—yes, that’s right, 500 girls—providing eye candy on a given night.
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Team ALL IN pro Joe Cada wins $10k 6-max WSOP 2014
2009 WSOP Main Event winner and team ALL IN professional, Joe Cada takes down bracelet number two in record fashion. Not since 2001 has a Main Event winner answered with another bracelet. Congrats Joe! Stay tuned to ALLinMag.com
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11th Annual Arizona State Poker Championship
Arizona's Main Event just wrapped up it's 11th Annual State Poker Championship. The $1,100 buy-in attracted 1,580 players which generated a $1,580,000 prize pool. Vance Fitzgerald took home the 1st place trophy along with $253,600 and a Rolex watch!
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Jason Somerville shares his excitement at Run It UP Reno
Run it UP returns to the Peppermill Reno for six days of poker action! Find out from Jason Somerville why Run It Up Reno was such a unique event.
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The All-American WSOP Experience
Eating right is essential during a long day of poker—and that’s where All-American Dave comes in. His food truck made nutrition at the 2014 World Series of Poker quick and convenient, and on the final day of the Series, he took ALL IN behind the scenes of the operation. And if you think he makes a mean meal, just wait until you see him toss a football. For more go to ALLINMag.com.
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Chris Moneymaker Talks About Winning the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2003
It's been 10 years since Chris Moneymaker's famous 2003 WSOP Final Table win! Watch the exclusive anniversary interview with Moneymaker in which he discusses the drawbacks of wining the Main Event in 2003, his quick rise to fame, and his notorious wins against Sammy Farha and Phil Ivey during that tournament.
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Off The Felt: Dan Bilzerian Sneak Peek Episode 2
Take a sneak peek at our exclusive second episode of OFF THE FELT featuring Dan Bilzerian. The ALL IN crew just left Las Vegas, where we hung with "Blitz" and Steve Aoki, and we've decided to delay the release of the video slightly to make room for brand-new footage. Look for Episode 2 shortly after the holiday weekend ... SEE MORE www.ALLinMag.com
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Phil Ivey Recaps the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event
Listen to Phil Ivey recap his journey through the 2013 World Series Main Event!
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Big Brother 17 Finale Party: Vanessa INterview
ALL IN is onsite at the Big Brother 17 Finale Party in Los Angeles, California. Hear straight from Vanessa about her experience in the house and the BIG surprise waiting for her outside of it.
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Side Action: Voodoo Zip Line
The ALL IN crew is looking for ways to blow off some steam away from the poker tables in Vegas this summer, and if you’re playing at the WSOP, you don’t have to go far for an adrenaline rush. Right upstairs on the roof of the Rio is the Voodoo Zip Line, which whisks you 50 stories above the ground at up to 33 miles an hour. Before you experience it for yourself, live it through the eyes of the ALL IN crew and special guest poker pro Samantha Abernathy.
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ALL IN Media House: Year One
It's hard to believe it's been only 365 days since ALL IN returned to the poker scene, and what a whirlwind the first year was: from the 2013 WSOP, to our Phil Ivey exclusive, to the Las Vegas premiere of Runner Runner, to the Poker Hall of Fame inductions, to the November Nine final table, to our Daniel Negreanu cover shoot, to the Calais Campbell Charity Tournament, to PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, to the Phoenix Open, to our New York City Super Bowl Party, to the Borgata Winter Poker open, to the L.A. Poker Classic, to the launch of the College Poker Tour, to our Dan Bilzerian Off The Felt, to the launch of the new allinmag.com—wow. And ALL IN Media House is just getting warmed up ...
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Chris Moneymaker Offers His Insights Into Online Poker
With Runner Runner coming out October 4th what better time than now to hear from Chris Moneymaker in regards to online poker. Get Chris Moneymaker's take on how he felt when online poker was banned, the future of online poker and what he did as an alternative to continue to play online poker after the ban. He feels once all 50 US states legalize online poker, the sport should blow up and more people will play. Chris is looking forward to the day when there are 12,000 people playing in the Main Event.
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Cord Garcia 2015 WSOP COLOSSUS IN365
ALL IN hits up the 2015 WSOP Colossus and talks to a few people including THE WINNER, Cord Garcia! Check it out. And stay tuned to www.ALLinMag.com
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2014 College Poker Tour National Championship: Trailer
The final 9 players of the CPT National Championships battle it out live at the CPT mansion in Scottsdale, AZ for the title of the Nation's best college poker player.
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Zach Jiganti: 2014 WSOP Main Event and The College Poker Tour
ALL IN caught up with Zach Jiganti, a young pro from Gig Harbor, WA. Zach talks about his run in the 2014 WSOP Main Event and about his brother, Max Jiganti from UCSD, making the final table of the 2014 College Poker Tour National Championship.
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Poker Hall of Fame Thoughts, With Daniel Negreanu
Before Daniel Negreanu knew for sure that he would be a 2014 Poker Hall of Fame inductee, ALL IN put him on the spot and asked how important the honor would be to him. “Kid Poker” gives his answer, in his usual confident but not cocky style. For more, go to ALLINMag.com.
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An Interview With Twitch Poker personality Kevin Martin
Twitch poker personality Kevin Martin explains how live-streaming poker on Twitch works and why he loves it.
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Day 1 at the 2014 WPT LAPC: Team ALL IN catches up with Maria Ho
Drink'n, joke'n, straight west coast'n...ALL IN catches up with Los Angeles favorite Maria Ho after day 1 of the 2014 LAPC. Positive energy and good vibes, that's what Maria is about. We'll be seeing a lot of Maria Ho this year, from LAPC and beyond.
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The ALL IN-terview: Ryan Riess
Reigning World Series of Poker Main Event champion Ryan Riess takes a break from his attempted defense of his title to talk one-on-one with ALL IN about life as the champ, how hard it is to bluff now, and the pressure he puts on himself. For more go to ALLINMag.com.
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Vanessa Rousso: Making Music, Breaking Rules, and Playing Poker at the 2014 PCA
Poker pro beauty Vanessa Rousso gives ALL IN the inside scoop on her passion off the felt in music, the upside to busting in the PCA, and her inclination to break the rules...
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Big Brother Vanessa Watch: Interview with Brittany Martinez
Former Big Brother houseguest, Brittany Martinez, discusses Vanessa’s strategy moving forward in the game, what the BB House does to emotions, and different perceptions from live feeds vs. TV broadcasts!
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2013 WSOP Runner Up Jay Farber Speaks With ALL IN
Listen to Jay Farber talk about his bittersweet loss to Ryan Riess in the 2013 WSOP Main Event Final Table.
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Big Brother Vanessa Watch: BB16 Runner-Up Breaks Down Vanessa's Game
The IN 365 crew interviews BB16 Runner-Up, Cody Calafiore, about how Vanessa has survived this far without alliances.
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